Employment and diversity

We endeavor to apply uniform principles and approaches to working with our employees in all countries and regions where we operate, taking into account local specifics and features. The principles and standards set forth in our HR policy and other local regulations are mandatory for all LUKOIL Group entities.

In local labor markets LUKOIL provides job opportunities for suitably qualified candidates, including for executive positions. Our basic approach is to employ the best professionals, while in foreign countries we strive to employ as many local professionals as possible, and provide them with employee training where necessary.

If personnel with the necessary qualifications and capabilities are not available on local markets, Russian employees are appointed to managerial positions to promote the same corporate culture throughout LUKOIL Group and to expand their capabilities by gaining professional experience in international projects.

The Company has a pool of employees who can be rotated. Managers and specialists with the necessary experience and knowledge to be able to successfully implement projects are included in this pool and can be seconded to various LUKOIL Group entities and projects to help achieve respective corporate goals. Thus the risk of a loss to efficiency is mitigated and the need for highly qualified and managerial personnel is promptly satisfied, regardless of the situation on local labor markets. At the same time, the opportunity to work in different business and cultural environments is a motivation for employees who value diversity.

We provide equal career opportunities for all employees. The Company regularly monitors gender diversity across various categories of personnel. In 2019, women held 26% of management positions. The share of women holding management positions at all levels was 8% of the total number of female employees. In addition, we respect the wishes of our employees to achieve a work-life balance: for example, in LUKOIL Group entities parental leave is granted to both women and men. We also encourage employee initiatives to set up groups according to their own interests; for example, there has been a women’s club at the refinery in Nizhny Novgorod since 2013.

Information about local managers in foreign LUKOIL Group entities
2017 2018 2019
Senior managers, people 87 89 89
  • including locals
28 28 29
Share of local senior managers, % 32 31 33

Notes. (1) Senior managers include the CEO (Managing Director / General Director) and their deputies for functional areas. (2) Locals mean employees that are permanently registered in or are citizens of foreign countries. (3) Data are given for significant regions. For a definition of significant regions see Appendix 7.

Share of female managers in the total number of managers at corresponding level in LUKOIL Group entities, %
Employee category 2019
CEO of a LUKOIL Group entity 1.1
Deputy Heads, Chief Engineer, Chief Accountant 17.5
Head of a branch, TPU, or another standalone business unit 4.5
Head of structure unit 26.3