Areas of support

Support for orphaned children, disabled persons, war and labor veterans, and other groups in need of help

We support public institutions that look after orphaned and abandoned children, as well as the children themselves. Our programs promote the personal development of children, improve their health, and help them socialize and adapt to adult life. By supporting disabled people, we not only provide them with financial assistance, but also help them master new life skills.

The Company provides special concern and caring to World War II veterans working in the oil industry. Every year, on the eve of Victory Day, they receive monetary aid and gifts. The Company also supports the families of military servicemen who died in local conflicts.

Selected social policy initiatives

Supporting social groups in need of help

A program to sponsor specialized libraries for blind children was continued: such libraries in six regions of Russia received computer equipment, software, and devices for reading audio books.

In 2019 a new program for children with cerebral palsy was launched to provide them with wheelchairs tailored to their bodies and functional needs. With increased mobility, their lives will become more active and interesting.

Environmental projects

Selected social policy initiatives

Environmental campaigns have been held at LUKOIL Group entities throughout the Company’s existence and are a part of our corporate culture that is much loved by employees. As part of these events our employees and partners traditionally plant trees and flowers and clear litter from urban and natural areas, river banks, and rivers.

Educational programs

We believe that our programs for the younger generation and young oil industry specialists will make a valuable contribution to the future well-being of society.

The Company supports oil industry higher and secondary educational institutions: high-quality research and modern facilities and resources help them organize the educational process in accordance with the highest standards. The institutions use financial support from the Company to create research centers, laboratories, and academic departments; purchase equipment; and publish new textbooks and collections of articles about the oil and gas industry.

More details can be found on our corporate website.

Selected social policy initiatives

In 2019 PJSC LUKOIL opened an interactive training and methodological center in the historical hall No. 25, Oil, at the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy in Moscow (VDNKh). This is the largest multimedia exhibition in Russia devoted to scientific and applied topics, and it depicts the entire production cycle – from hydrocarbon production to refining and sales operations.

This exhibition has been prepared with the help of the most advanced technological solutions at the intersection of the digital and physical world, such as virtual and augmented reality, and holographic theater. The role of oil in human life is shown through the synchronization of the subject, graphical, and multimedia content and is presented through 150 stories. The Oil Pavilion is popular with a wide range of visitors, including children interested in science and technology, students, and experts in this area. The Oil City playground is situated near the Pavilion, featuring play areas called Offshore Oil Production Platform, Oil Refinery, Fuel Truck, and Racing Car and has various sports equipment installed in it.

Traditional educational support programs continued in 2019. Since 2000 we have been sponsoring high-potential students, young teachers, and job training instructors by providing individual scholarships and grants. In 2019 the scholarship program covered 14 higher education institutions and three colleges, and the grant program covered one high school, eight higher education institutions, and four colleges in Russia.

LUKOIL Group entities also support educational initiatives in regions where they operate and implement programs that have wide coverage.

Sponsorship programs for students and teachers of higher and secondary education organizations in Russia
2017 2018 2019
Student scholarships
Number of scholarship holders, people 180 190 195
Level of financing, RUB million 6.6 5.9 6.2
Grants to teachers
Number of teachers, people 89 79 79
Financing amount, RUB million 10.3 9.0 9.2

Supporting healthcare institutions

The Company has for many years supported a number of large specialized medical centers and regional hospitals, out-patient clinics, and first aid stations, as well as improving medical services in the regions of operation.

Selected social policy initiatives

The Company continued to run the Medical Force campaign to purchase medical equipment for district hospitals in the Perm Territory. This initiative has been running for more than five years.

In Uzbekistan we helped local organizations purchase equipment and specialized vehicles: an ambulance was provided to the Bukhara branch of the Soglom Avlod Uchun medical fund and the Bukhara Emergency Medical Care Center received an oxygen station. The Children’s National Oncology Hospital received charitable support to repair and equip the surgery department.

Cultural heritage preservation program

This program is aimed at developing Russian culture, promoting spirituality, and preserving national values. For many years we have supported museums, theaters, performance groups, and festivals. We take part in organizing exhibitions and concert tours, restoring cultural heritage sites, and repairing cultural and art centers in Russian regions.

Selected social policy initiatives

The Company is committed to fostering conditions that preserve national and cultural traditions and crafts in regions of operation, and supports various types of art, especially classical, as well as the territories where cultural monuments are located, including those representing valuable or particularly vulnerable cultural heritage sites. Numerous projects to preserve cultural heritage have been implemented.

2019 was the Year of Theater in Russia. During the year a new stage of the Moscow Maly Theater was opened, in Kogalym. The former cultural and leisure complex was redeveloped and converted into a modern cultural site that can be used for a range of theatrical performances. A small theater company was set up comprising graduates of the Shchepkin Higher Theater School. It will be permanently located in Kogalym and work as a branch of the Maly Theater. This is the first such collaboration between a Moscow theater and a Russian region.

The Company has traditionally supported a large number of cultural events: the Perm State Art Gallery hosted a traveling exhibition entitled “Masterpieces of the Kremlin,” Workshops, showcasing Moscow Kremlin Museums; the Russian Museum put on “Angels of the 20th Century” exhibition; the Vyatka Art Museum named after V.M. and A.M. Vasnetsov held the “Time Space” exhibition; and the Astrakhan Art Gallery named after P.M. Dogadin put on “The City of the Sun” exhibition using exhibits from the ROSIZO State Museum and Exhibition Center. Also, the Company supported the restoration of paintings of well-known Russian artists in Moscow and regional museums, and in addition to the above-mentioned projects, the Company also supported cultural centers and performance groups in various towns and villages across Russia.

Social and Cultural Projects Competition

Selected social policy initiatives

The Social and Cultural Projects Competition has been held at LUKOIL Group entities, including in cooperation with the LUKOIL CF, since 2002. Its main goal is to support initiatives from local citizens and entities to help resolve issues that impact local areas, and to facilitate conditions that will increase the number of active citizens capable of implementing worthwhile social ideas.

Supporting sports teams and events

LUKOIL’s sports program is geared towards promoting healthy lifestyles and sports. We help both professional and amateur teams and are constantly in search of new ideas to implement social initiatives in this area. The consistent nature of our approach is demonstrated by our continuous support of sports organizations (clubs, federations, leagues, etc.) through the LUKOIL Sport Club.

We support the following sports: soccer, motor racing, basketball, competitive skiing, water polo, handball, etc.

Selected social policy initiatives

Thanks to the Company’s support efforts, Russian car racers (Lukoil Racing Team), FC Spartak, the national skiing team, United Basketball League athletes, and numerous regional teams have recorded impressive victories in various sports. All professional clubs supported by LUKOIL develop children sports.

In addition, the Company supports the development of youth soccer at the international level

Attention is also paid to sports veterans – LUKOIL is a founder of the Russian Olympians Foundation.

The initiatives of the LUKOIL Sport Club are intended for young athletes, amateur and professional athletes, and disabled people.

“Refueling through Sport” grant. This nationwide charity project is aimed at sponsoring athletes aged between six and fourteen. In addition to cash prizes, winners receive sportswear and train under the guidance of Olympic champions. Each year 10 to 15 winners are selected.

“Refueling through Sport” night race. In 2019 this charity race was held for the second time, as part of the Formula One Russian Grand Prix. Participants had the opportunity to run on the race track when Russia hosted the stage of the competition. Around one thousand runners took part, twice as many as in 2018. The funds raised were partially used to support Russia’s youngest racer, Rodion Dyadya.

More details about the activities of LUKOIL Sport Club can be found here: