Social entrepreneurship

The “More Than Just a Purchase” project is a unique joint initiative between LUKOIL Group Russian entities supplying oil products and the “Our Future” Foundation of Regional Social Programs.

Its purpose is to sponsor social entrepreneursSocial entrepreneurship refers to a special type of activity aimed at resolving or mitigating social issues using income from economic activities. Both small businesses and social non-profit organizations can be social entrepreneurs. , who get the opportunity to sell their products at the Company’s filling stations. The project helps people understand that, by buying goods under the “More Than Just a Purchase” brand, our clients buy high-quality goods produced by Russian companies that employ disabled people, pensioners, and other socially vulnerable groups. By making informed choices, they help people who need help.

In 2019 we supported 34 entrepreneurs, including five branches of the All Russia Association of the Blind. The range of goods produced by social entrepreneurs and supplied to filling stations has been expanded: it now includes goods for cafes and for picnics.

More details about the project:

As of 31 december 2019, over


Suppliers were participating in the project, while the goods of 63 suppliers were sold at lukoil filling stations. this is the largest network of social entrepreneurs in Russia.