Key changes and results

Larger sales of products with improved environmental characteristics
Greater levels of customer satisfaction
Total external social support expenses amounted to
190 Volunteer events held by lukoil young specialists


Meeting challenges at the level of cities and small communities is an important aspect of achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Communities have different priorities, depending on their specific circumstances; some pay greater attention to environmental protection, while others are more interested in addressing social issues.

Experts have identifiedOECD Roundtable Cities and Regions to Achieve the SDGs (only Russian). several ‘megatrends’ that will affect the future of cities and territories, including rising average age of the population, increased migration processes, digitalization, climate change, and growing urbanization.

The challenges that need to be addressed at the local level are complex. Promising strategies in this regard include raising living standards while at the same time reducing the environmental footprint, improving municipal administration and land-use planning, solving the garbage disposal problem, and develop green infrastructure.