Social and Cultural Projects Competition

The traditional categories of the competition are:

“Spirituality and Culture”

Social and Cultural Projects Competition results
Indicator 2017 2018 2019
Number of projects participating in the competition, units 3,364 3,645 3,607
Number of winning projects, units 739 772 785
Financial support for winning projects, RUB million 121 141 159

Selected projects financed in 2019

Improving the social climate in Russian regions

Neman, the Kaliningrad Region. The Spirituality and Culture (Dukhovnost i Kultura) organization implemented “The House where We Live“ project, aimed at improving the stays of disabled children at the children’s activity center. The grant was used to renovate the classroom and thereby provide a more comfortable environment for classes.

Preservation of national and cultural identities

Ukhta, the Komi Republic. The Local History Museum in Ukhta implemented a project called “Craft is not a Shoulder Yoke“. This exciting and modern project seeks to promote the traditions of the Komi people. The project authors organized an exhibition of old household items and supplemented it with interactive zones for workshops. Children can become hunters and find out about animal trails or learn what a spinning wheel and a spindle are and the basics of weaving. The exhibition is supplemented with paintings in the ethnofuturism style by the artist Yuri Lisovsky.

Environmental improvement

Solikamsk, the Perm Territory. The Travel Shore project of the Demidov Memorial Botanical Garden. As part of the project, a new tourist trail was created on virgin lands of the garden covering 1.2 hectares. In addition to rare and collectable plants, art objects and 10 information stands were installed.

Corporate volunteering

The practice of volunteering in campaigns and events for the benefit of the residents of cities and villages has long been part of LUKOIL’s corporate culture. Our young employees organize their own volunteer projects and participate in local initiatives.

Despite the large variety of campaigns, our volunteers from all regions where LUKOIL operates have shared priorities. These include the following types of support and social participation:

  • Support for war and oil industry veterans: visiting the elderly, helping them around the house, and giving them gifts.
  • Care for children – visits to orphanages and patronage of child welfare institutions, organizing related events and campaigns.
  • Environmental campaigns – cleaning up natural sites, planting trees in cities.
  • Sporting events – bicycle rides, races, relays, rafting, hiking, etc.
  • Charity fairs and city festivals to encourage the residents of cities and villages to provide charitable aid to their neighbors.