Health in the workplace

We endeavor to minimize conditions that may harm the health of workers. Our overriding priority is to provide high-quality and state-of-the-art individual personal protection equipment (PPE) that reduces the impact of harmful and dangerous workplace factors. This PPE is provided under the respective corporate standard, and its amount and variety exceeds statutory requirements.

Thanks to a well-developed medical service system comprising voluntary medical insurance programs and options to receive medical attention at local employee health centers in the event of emergencies, a high level of employee health is successfully maintained, and new occupational illnesses are registered only very rarely. No occupational illnesses were identified in foreign entities of the Company.

We have embarked on a large-scale modernization of corporate medical treatment facilities, including renovations and building facilities in Usinsk, Budyonnovsk, and Urai, modeled on the new clinics in Kogalym and Kstovo. Additional health centers with medical assistants and pharmacy branches have been established onsite.

In 2019 cardio check-ups of risk groups by age were performed and mobile teams of cardio specialists checked employees working in remote areas.

The oil mine operated by LUKOIL-Komi has long had the most complex working environment. The overall trend in recent years has been towards an increase in occupational illness numbers, which is primarily due to the age structure of the workforce. All cases were identified during medical check-ups, with some diseases being caught early, which is testament to the efficacy of medical screening. Employees with suspected occupational illnesses have in-depth check-ups at in-patient clinics; such check-ups are performed free-of-charge and are financed through public contracts.

Number of LUKOIL-Komi workers with newly diagnosed occupational illnesses, people
Occupational illness dynamics of Russian LUKOIL Group entities
2017 2018 2019
Occupational disease rate (ODR)
  • per 1,000 workers
0.06 0.19 0.13
  • per 1,000,000 man-hours
NA 0.11 0.08

Priority areas for taking measures to reduce the occupational illness rate at LUKOIL-Komi include:

  • technical protection of workers from work-related exposure through the use of new technologies, equipment, and effective means of personal and collective protection (acoustic absorption equipment, protective hand equipment, etc.)
  • employee timesheets for vibrating tool operations, with subsequent registrations in log books.
  • a medical program to prevent occupational illnesses and follow-up observations of workers in risk groups.
  • in-depth check-ups of employees engaged in underground operations, as well as those who are frequently and chronically ill, by experts from leading Moscow healthcare institutions.
  • evaluation of the quality of health check-ups.

As part of promoting the development of the Yaregskoye field, the use of small mine shafts where more favorable working conditions can be ensured is under consideration.